Promotional Products Las Vegas

If you're in need of promotional products to giveaway at Las Vegas Nevada trade shows or corporate gatherings, Gorilla Marketing is here to help. We have worked with numerous businesses to provide Vegas themed gifts for charity, product promotion, and fundraising events. You will find a vast array of promotional products that will please Las Vegas clients and improve brand recognition. Whether you're looking for gifts to hand out for casino night parties, trade show exhibitions, or to impress new corporate clients, Gorilla Marketing has something for everyone, regardless of advertising budgets. promotional-products-las-vegas-pen-holder What's fun about buying promo items for Vegas convention attendees is the abundance of merchandise that can be branded using themes. A few of the newer trade show giveaways include temporary tattoos in the shape of slot machines and roulette tables; 3D masks in the guise of cartoon characters or celebrities; imprinted backpacks for tablets and laptops; and custom USB flash drives attached to logo key chains. Many companies invest in advertising specialties that are given away during Vegas themed parties. These might be acrylic paperweights shaped like slot machines; clear mugs with casino chips and dice embedded in the bottom; poker beach towels; or imprinted money clips. Las Vegas themed clothing is another popular item that people enjoy receiving. Selections include Vegas gold silk aviator scarves; ladies silk scarves adorned with jackpot confetti designs; tuxedo bow ties and cummerbunds; and ball caps with fiber optic lights. In most cases, it is best to provide promotional merchandise that is can be used for a long time. This provides more opportunities to have your brand remain in front of recipients, as well the general public. For example, handing out big grocery totes with your company logo imprinted on the front is an ideal item for trade shows. Attendees will carry bags throughout the event to store all their corporate swag. After the show, recipients can use the bag when they go shopping; giving your brand additional exposure. Other items that have a long shelf life include customized drinkware, branded clothing, desk accessories, and computer gadgets. One of our most popular items is imprinted nano flash drives. These tiny storage devices can be manufactured into a wide variety of shapes including casino chips, dice, slot machines or something that represents your industry such as ice cream cones or laptop computers. Working with a promotional products company such as Gorilla Marketing makes it easy to find suitable promo gifts for your next Las Vegas event. We have been helping clients provide unique, branded merchandise for almost 30 promotional-products-las-vegas-digital-clock years. Our experienced team excels at helping companies stick to marketing budgets while providing high-quality items that people can enjoy for many years. Let us show you how to increase trade show traffic and impress customers with our line of Las Vegas promotional products. Our team of experts can help you create dazzling merchandise that will get people excited about your brand. We can get started on helping you reach your goals.