Satisfaction Your Customers Can Taste

Promote your business and eat it too! Edible promotional giveaways are nothing new, but often an overlooked marketing approach. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the same can be true for your customers or staff. Give them something good to eat and they will love you forever (or at least for the time being). The key to an edible promotional product is to allow your customers or employees to enjoy some good eats, but not to lose sight of your company name. Customers and staff will always appreciate a tasty snack that creatively represents the company. If your staff just accomplished something great, but your budget doesn't allow you to buy them the expensively, massive trophy you feel they deserve...add a little humor to the situation and get them a chocolate trophy or medal! Even the dieters or 'healthy' eaters will appreciate the gesture and your department budget will not suffer. If you want to thank your customers for their support and don't want to simply treat them to another company lunch, try some personalized cookies with your logo pressed into each of the cookie's soft topsides. Cookies are great, but personalized cookies are even more exciting to receive. An edible promotional product doesn't need to be fully edible. What does this mean? It means, you can put edibles inside of a container or receptacle adorned with your logo or company name and the customers still get to enjoy something good to snack on. Delivering a jar full of candies to your customer's office certainly goes a long way. Making sure the jar is reusable and colorfully displays your company name ensures customers will remember the gift-giver and keep your company in mind for future services. Recent trends show that more companies are providing large 'group' gifts like a basket of edible goods instead of individual gifts, as they tend to stir up more excitement in the office. While chocolate, candy or cookies would definitely not disappoint...ready-to-eat items aren't a necessity for successful promotional products. A customized tin of hot chocolate mix or coffee grounds may not allow your customers or staff to eat them right away, but that doesn't mean that wont enjoy the friendly gift in the near future with excitement. Don't overlook the simplicity of an edible gift, timing is certainly important...but we can safely say, the majority of the group will take pleasure from a tasty reward! Gift baskets are certainly a standard present during the chocolate-sugar-cookie holidays; and we know your customers appreciate them. Instead of giving them the typical basket, try something creative. If your company is in the automotive industry, make the candy holder a large toy pick-up truck with the sweets hitching a ride in the trunk! Gift baskets are certainly easy to find but searching for something unique can take time and energy, leave it to the experts. Believe it or not a promotional marketing company, like us, can certainly help you find the perfect edible gift; whether a gift basket, tin, jar or other fun container for delicious fun, we can find what you need An edible giveaway or gift is surely an item good for any occasion. Picking the right moment and the right edible product is important. Stay creative with your gift, and just remember a delicious chocolate chip cookie or candy simply can't be ignored.