Study Shows that Calendars are Still King in Promotional Products

Calendars have been part of the promotional products industry for years but are often overlooked for the value they bring. In interesting news from a promotional products industry study: a whopping 67% of people surveyed say that when they refer to a calendar, they look at a wall calendar. Which means that even in this digital age, good old paper-and-ink calendars are still our go-to timekeeper. Here's some highlights of PPAI's study:
  • 8 out of 10 people have a printed calendar in the home. This is down from 1981, when 98 percent of people had a printed calendar in the home, but not by much!
  • 75 percent of households have a calendar in the kitchen. Remember, the kitchen is the top place where buying decisions are made.
  • 82 percent of people like receiving calendars as a free gift.
  • Among people with one advertising calendar in the home, 74 percent could remember offhand the name of the company advertised. 70 percent plan to do business with that company again.

The research didn't surprise everyone. A Gorilla Marketing veteran had this to say about calendars:

"Each and every year, I sell a desk calendar to a large truck parts company. The calendar sits there in front of their customers for the entire year, with the company's name and logo staring them in the face. The first year they put these calendars out, sales increased by 15 percent. The next year, they held back the calendars, and for the first three months of the year business fell off. Once they sent the calendars out, it picked back up. Every year on December 1, they start getting calls from their customers: 'Don't forget to send a calendar!'"

Having challenges selling calendars? Maybe the calendar misconceptions are to blame! Many of us marketing types are glued to computers and smartphones all day. Those of us who don't use a printed calendar seem to think we're in the majority. It may be humbling to learn that we're not, but it's a lesson worth remembering. Calendars are still in use, and they're still a great promotional item. Every time someone glances up to check a date, your name and message are right there. That's a lot of impressions, and a lot of bang for your buck. Spring and summer are the perfect time to place your order for next year's calendar.


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