Swift Gifts FAQ

  1. How long will these items take to ship to me? Your order will ship within 14 business days of order and art approval. If items are needed sooner, please let us know and we will work to accommodate.
  2. Can you ship these products out to individual people or do they need to be bulk shipped? We can send them to individual people, we just need an excel spreadsheet with each person's name, shipping information and phone number. We can also bulk ship if you would like!
  3. What kind of cards are included? Will my name be on them? A holiday card will be included in each package with a short, generic typed message. Your name will be signed at the bottom of the card in a hand-written signature.
  4. Is tax included in the price shown No, tax is not included and will vary by shipping destination(s). Tax will be added to the total order cost.
  5. Is shipping and handling included in the price shown? Yes, shipping and handling is included in the total price.
  6. Can I order less than the minimum that is shown? On these particular items, you are not able to order less than minimum. We are happy to try and find a similar item that does allow for less than minimum or simply has a smaller minimum quantity required.
  7. Can I order different items than the options that are shown? Absolutely! We will find the perfect product for you. Pricing, timeline, shipping may vary with items that are not shown on the list.
  8. Who can I reach out to if I have questions? Please give us a call at (951) 353-8133, we are open from 8:30am - 5pm PST, Monday - Friday. You can also send us an email to hello@gorillamarketing.net or complete the form below.