Tablecloths and Table Covers

Make a lasting first impression and turn the tables on the competition with a clean and sleek customized table cover for your next tradeshow, meeting, or event. Visitors will be drawn to your booth or display when your professionally branded table cover is on display. A customized table cover will also draw attention to your message and not the boxes under your table. Select a color and incorporate your logo to maximize your promotional area! These beautiful and durable tablecloths are washing machine and dryer friendly, dry-cleaning is not necessary. They are also wrinkle resistant which allows for instant usability! Choose a throw style for extra, more convertible coverage or a fitted style for a more polished and trim fit. If you already have the table cover and just need to highlight your logo, a table runner is a great option. Table runners are great for frequent message or event changes. Ordering a Custom Table Cover is simple! We can help you create the perfect table cover to meet your needs. You can order a table cover with your exact logo, slogan, or company name and have it in-hands in 5-7 days or less! Depending on your quantity, budget and art, custom table covers are quick-turn promotional products that can make the difference at your next tradeshow or event. Only need one? It can be done, but we feel it is always a good idea to produce at least two pieces because you never know when you might need a second custom table cover. Also think long term; table covers are subject to natural wear and tear, therefore, it's better to print a second one for insurance. Want a special color? No problem. Table covers can be ordered in a variety of quantities, sizes and colors to meet your needs. Most common sizes are 6 foot and 8 foot, but custom sizes are always available. We can create a table cover from a basic one color imprint to a vibrant full color or even a full dye-sublimated table cover with your logo or image covering the entire cloth. Whatever your event, a table cover will create an advertisement that doesn't break the bank and doesn't take hours to set up. They may seem like a very basic item to purchase but the curb appeal of your will get with a custom table cloth can be immensely increased using a simple piece of fabric. The realm of options for these items is virtually limitless so just call us with your ideas, and we would be happy to brainstorm with you to help make them a reality! Accent your customized table cover with items such as custom chair-backs and banners or unique tabletop items. We personally, prefer a prize wheel! Check our our special on tablecloths for a limited time!