Talks on Trends: Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth technology delivers a hassle-free listening experience that has become a popular tech product. The tangle-free enjoyment and design provides a high perceived value for your branding, making this a great promotional product option. Just a few years ago, Bluetooth earbuds were an expensive tech item that only a few had. Recently, they have expanded into the promotional product industry and the different options have increased significantly. We have created a ‘good, better, best’ list of Bluetooth earbuds to help you better understand your Bluetooth options and stay within your budget. 

Good Earbuds

These are the most budget-friendly Bluetooth earbuds on the market. What makes these ‘good’ earbuds is the price point that is great for when your goal is quantity. Although they aren’t fully wireless, they are great quality for a budget earbud.  A carabiner case is included, and they have approximately 2.5 hours of playback time. Choose from five different colors for as low as $9.29 a unit.  

Better Earbuds

The ‘better’ earbuds are truly wireless and come in a clear plastic case that you can be branded with a full-color logo. These are great for a slightly higher budget for client gifts or raffle prizes and is sure to make a lasting impression. Enjoy up to 2 hours of playback time for as low as $24.99 a unit.  

Best Earbuds

These earbuds are the ‘best’ because of the crisp high-quality sound combined with the large imprint area for optimal branding. These earbuds come in a case that is both a power bank and charging station. The high-quality delivers clean sound for phone calls and music and has up to 4 hours of audio playtime. If you are looking for retail-inspired high-quality earbuds these are the ones for you. These are a great investment for your branding that is available in two different colors for as low as $59.99 a unit.