Talks on Trends: QI Charging

By: Kyle Mendoza
According to Forbes, Apple had sold a combined one million units of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X per day through December. On a similar note, Samsung's sales of the Galaxy S8 have remained strong since its April 2017 release. So what exactly is Qi Charging and what do thomg (8)ese numbers mean for your organization? Qi, which in Chinese means "energy flow", is the standard for wireless charging for devices like smart phones and cameras. Aside from decluttering our desks by eliminating at least one cable from our arsenal, the real advantage of QI charging is that the QI pads are not brand specific-- which means that an iPhone X can charge on the same pad as a Galaxy S8.
Going wireless prevents corrosion and eliminates debris that is caused by wires. As well as reduced cost and maintenance that electrical connectors need over time. When buying promotional products that the most people would find use for, wireless charging is the way to go because it will work with any device.

I predict that 201be the year wheomg (9)8 will re Qi Charging truly takes its place in the market, and as the number of Qi enabled devices grows, so too will the demand for related promotional products. The Qi wireless charging pad comes with a full color imprint, neatly packaged in a retail inspired gift box--a great way to recharge your Employee Appreciating Week efforts, or to add as a premium raffle item for your next student involvement fair. Worried about those who haven't made the switch? Don't sweat it, each Qi pad comes with an adapter for older smartphone models, ensuring that every device gets the juice it deserves.