The Creative Group

The Creative Group identifies innovative, proprietary products uniquely suited for maximum brand exposure. Our focus is to bring only the best and brightest to the promotional marketplace... products that grab your attention and have you saying, "why didn't I think of that?" We provide our clients with products that focus eyes and impressions on their products and keep them front and center at events, in the workplace, and via various branding initiatives.



Custom Zipper Earbuds

Custom Zipper Earbuds represents the perfect blending of form and function. The streamlined zipper cord solves the problem of reaching into your bag and having to fish through an annoying tangled mass of wire. In addition to a number of color themes available for the earbuds, the zipper pull can be fully customized to present your brand in either PVC or full color metal, literally putting your logo in the hands of your customers! Utility patent No. 8,455,758.


Paws Drink Holders

The perfect tailgating rally accessory; let your party animal spirit run wild while enjoying a cold one. The foam novelty drink holders are available in a wide variety of colors to go with any event and have a large imprint area near the wrist of the paw to place your full color logo. Patent number D684016.



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