The Winter Beanie Cap

A good marketing tactic is to coordinate your promotional products with the seasons. Well winter is upon us and as the weather outside gets frightful, it's time to help your customers bundle up. What's the first item that comes to mind when trying to keep the warmth in?

Usually it's a blanket or a sweatshirt. But we are certainly budget-conscious like many of our customers, so it's possible a fleece blanket or embroidered sweat shirt may not be in your price range.  This doesn't mean you can't keep with the trends and find a Winter-friendly promotional product. While statistics may vary depending on the source, there is no denying that we do lose a percentage of heat from our head. A warm beanie cap, as it is usually referred to, is a great product that can keep your customers warm. If you have never considered a beanie cap as a possible promotional product, then let us give you a little history and perspective on its use, features and benefits.


For starters, the word 'Beanie" is derived from the word 'bean', which is a reference to a person's head.  The first beanie caps were thought to have been worn in the United States in the early 20th century to help hold back hair. Eventually, the beanie cap developed into some helpful headgear to keep one's head warm on cold days. While the beanie is a name most of us are familiar with, other countries have the same style hat but with different names. In Canada, the comfy cap is called a Tuque and in the United Kingdom some refer to it as a bobcap.



Most beanie caps are made of wool, which maximizes warmth and keeps the heat from escaping. Though, other fabrics such as cotton are possible. From a marketing perspective, the appeal of a beanie is that it can be worn by men and women. Beanies are no longer just about warmth, but also fashion. Some are decorated with pompoms on the top, tassels, or an actual brim. And the color choices for a beanie are endless. Beanies have extended their features to cover the entire head, leaving only cut outs for the eyes and mouth. The most important feature of the beanie cap is the logo or insignia that is prominently displayed to highlight a sports team, company name or any other item for brand identify.



  • Warmth: This is an obvious benefit and the reason for promoting the beanie during the winter season.
  • Affordability: A simple beanie can be an inexpensive, but quality promo product; costing as low as $4.00 each.
  • Stylish: With a variety of color choices, and fabric options, a beanie can match any customer's needs.
  • Fashionable: Just because they go on your head doesn't mean they can't be a fashion statement.
  • Storage: Small and made of fabric means the beanie can be stored in bulk and takes up less space. A great benefit if you need a large quantity.

A beanie would not only be an ideal winter promotional product, it can also make a statement. With all the fabric, color and design choices let us help you brainstorm for your promotional beanie in time for the cold season.



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