Top Year End Items for Universities

What’s the best promo product for university giveaways? Marketing departments around the country are asking this question right now as they look for new and creative ways to welcome incoming freshman and graduate students. While searching for the perfect promotional product may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, we’ve compiled a list of the top items of the year with the goal to simplify your decision making during this busy time of year.

Clear Stadium TotesClear Stadium Tote

Clear stadium totes are owned by few and mandated at an increasing number of colleges and professional arenas and stadium. Help students gear up and get ready for game time with clear stadium totes for the upcoming football season. Handing out approved clear totes will get students ahead of the game. These are available in a variety of cool shapes for as low as $2.15 a unit.   


Branded sunglasses highlighsunglassest that your students’ futures are looking bright. These fun giveaways help you gain exposure for your school and come in a wide array of bold and fun colors. These are available for as low as $2.15 a unit. 

WaterbottleWater Bottles

Equipping students with logo’d reusable water bottles promote healthy living and reduces waster. Choose from a wide variety of shapes and materials so your brand stands out. These item pictures are available for as low as $3.25 a unit. TShirt


T-Shirts are walking billboards and a really great shirt gets better with age. Whether you opt for a timeless classic or one that’s on point, we’ve got an option to suit your crowd. Contact your account executive for options and pricing.


Journals are affordable and useful giveaways that will get daily use. Hand these out at summer orientation to get students prepared in noteworthy style. These journals are available for as low as $4.36 a unit. 

Lapel Pins

Pin up your alma mater pride with custom lapel pins. The perfect lapel pin is a thought that will be saved long after graduation. There are a wide array of styles, sizes, and textures available. Your items pictured start as low as $1.40 a unit. 

DecalCustom Decals

Decals make great giveaways, especially for events. Hand these out to students and they are sure to add them to their laptops, water bottles, and cars. There is a wide variety of standard and custom die cut options available. These are available for as low as 0.26 a unit depending on sizing.    

Like any of these ideas or have some of your own? Contact your account executive today!