Trade Show Giveaways Las Vegas

Choosing trade show giveaways for Las Vegas conventions is often one of the most difficult marketing tasks. Everyone knows these products can make or break relationships, so it's vital to select merchandise that attendees want and need. It's also important to choose trade show giveaways that won't break the bank. Las Vegas Nevada can be an expensive place to host or attend a product exhibition. Renting booth space, and buying tables, tablecloths, banners, and all the other things that make a booth attractive can take a large bite out of marketing budgets. Skimping on promotional products at Vegas trade shows is not a good idea. With that said, there are countless items that are affordable, yet will make a positive impression. Three of the most popular items are tote bags, drinkware, and high-tech devices like custom USB drives. Anyone who has ever attended trade shows is aware of the large amount of promo gifts handed out. Companies also provide business cards, brochures, and marketing materials. For this reason, imprinted tote bags are an ideal choice because they make life easier for attendees. What's great about tote shopping bags is they are very affordable and provide a large area for imprinting logos, slogans, and artwork. When attendees carry around tote bags they advertise your brand at no extra cost to you. Once attendees leave the show they can use totes when they shop; creating even more marketing opportunities for your brand. Drinkware is another favored item at trade shows. Attendees are on their feet all day. They meet and converse with countless people. Providing them with an eco friendly sports bottle that can be refilled throughout the day is a great way to quench thirst while increasing visibility to your brand. Gorilla Marketing offers a wide selection of drinkware that can be personalized with your company logo. A few of the most popular selections include ceramic coffee mugs, poly-pure water bottle, acrylic and double-wall tumblers, and stainless steel sports bottles. High-tech gadgets are always received well at trade show exhibitions. Although these items are more costly than tote bags or drinkware, they are an item that is used regularly and loved by everyone. Advanced technology has made it possible for owners to design original USB drives that no one else has. At Gorilla Marketing, we've designed flash drives in the shape of cars, trucks, airplanes, ice cream cones, computers, Russian stacking dolls, and more. An added bonus of jump drives is devices can be preloaded with proprietary software, hot keys, sales presentations, product catalogs, and other important data. Creating a unique gadget is a great way to get people talking about your brand. People love receiving unique merchandise and will boast about their gift to friends, family, and co-workers. Most owners find it advantageous to work with a promotional products company like Gorilla Marketing to come up with fun, unique and desirable trade show merchandise for Las Vegas events. Experts can advise of current trends, suggest suitable products, and help owners stay within their budget. Our design staff is eager to help you create Las Vegas trade show giveaways that will stir excitement for your brand. Give us a call us today so we can begin brainstorming your ideas and help you achieve your goals.