Trade Show Giveaways New York City

The trade show giveaways you select for New York City conventions can make or break your business. In most instances, these promo gifts are the first impression people have of your company. The right gifts will pique visitors' interest, while the wrong gifts can make them walk away. If you want your trade show giveaways to stand apart from other exhibitors it's advisable to work with a promotional product company that understands the New York City NY market. The kind of promotional items that leave a lasting impression with New Yorkers include merchandise that is high quality and will last for quite some time. Many companies invest in branded apparel, high tech gadgets, drinkware, and reusable tote bags. trade-show-giveaways-new-york-city-draw-string-backpack   Along with providing trade show attendees with quality promo gifts it's important to select merchandise that represents your brand. This provides an added layer of branding that helps people recognize and remember your company. For instance, if your brand revolves around environmental awareness you would want to provide eco-friendly products such as water bottles, writing pens, notepads, journals, or shopping bags manufactured from recycled materials or organic cotton. Since trade show conventions are an ideal place to build brand awareness it's important to give careful thought to how products should be branded. Smaller items might only have enough room for a company logo or business name. Larger items, such as convention tote bags or screen printed tee shirts can include more info such as address, phone number, or website URL. When selecting giveaway items it's best to think about the kind of items most often handed out at trade shows. Chances are you have received promo merchandise that excited you or left you shaking your head wondering what to do with it. Obviously, you don't want attendees to be confused about your company or the merchandise you're handing out so spend time selecting useful items that people will want to brag about receiving. One of our best selling trade show items is our zippered shopping tote. This bag is ideal for storing corporate swag handed out at events, but also serves as the perfect grocery tote. The majority of New Yorkers and trade show attendees really appreciate shopping bags that are roomy and expandable, but can be folded up for easy storage. Think about the level of exposure shopping bags can receive in NYC. Even though people live hustle and bustle lifestyles they pay attention to unique items. Having an eye-catching design is a great way to expand brand recognition for no additional cost. We suggest working with a graphic designer to create original works of art to display on tote bags and other promotional giveaway merchandise. trade-show-giveaways-new-york-city-memo-case   Branded clothing is another good choice. Cotton tees are the most affordable option and are perfect for screen printing artwork and logos. Having appealing designs or catchy phrases is a great way to get people talking about your brand. It is advisable to give away branded apparel that is suitable for the season. For instance, cotton tees in spring and summer months; long sleeve tees or jackets for fall and winter. Manufacturers often reduce prices at the end of the season, so if you're able to order far in advance you can save a good deal of money. With nearly three decades experience, Gorilla Marketing can help you find the perfect trade show giveaways for your next New York City event. With thousands of products you're certain to find multiple items that are suitable for your target audience. Get started by browsing our product catalog or click here to contact us via email or phone.