Trade Show Giveaways San Diego

Trade show giveaways are a great marketing tool for strengthening awareness of your brand. Each year, San Diego California hosts hundreds of exhibition conventions. It's not uncommon for companies to compete with one another to give away the best corporate swag. When selecting trade show giveaways for the San Diego market it's best to choose merchandise that ignites a conversation about your brand. This could be as simple as throwing imprinted soccer balls into the crowd or handing out oversized tote bags that let attendees carry all their promo gifts. For obvious reasons, it is imperative to purchase trade show swag that people value and appreciate. One of the biggest challenges business owners have is trying to figure out which gifts offer the greatest return on investment and will stand apart from merchandise provided by competitors. We've put together a list of suggestions that can ease the burden of choosing trade show promo items. By giving careful thought to product selections, owners can stand apart from the crowd and provide gifts attendees will want to brag about. 1. Perform market research. Understanding the kinds of promotional items that people in San Diego like can be determined by conducting market research. Most owners perform research when putting together their marketing plan, so tap into that knowledge when selecting promo merchandise. A few of the more affordable items include sports bottles, memo pads, imprinted writing pens, and reusable shopping bags. One item that trade show attendees greatly appreciate is our convention tote bag. Constructed from recyclable non-woven polypropylene, this tote bag includes a large main compartment and two mesh side pockets for storing cell phones, business cards, and water bottles; making it ideal for carrying around all the corporate swag accumulated at trade exhibitions. 2. Personalize trade show items: The primary reason to hand out promo gifts is to bring awareness to your brand. Trade show merchandise needs to be personalized by means of imprinting company logos and contact information in areas that are easily seen. One of the best branding methods is screen printing designs on tee shirts, polo shirts, ball caps, and canvas totes. Essentially, these items are wearable art and can expand brand recognition because merchandise is worn or carried around town. 3. Develop your company brand: Imprinting logos and advertising messages on trade show products is one of the most affordable ways to promote your company. However, it's important to offer products that reflect the image you want to portray. For example, an eco-friendly landscaping company could offer shirts, totes, pens, notepads, or drinkware manufactured from recycled materials. A computer service company could use technological devices such as imprinted USB swing drives or pen flash drives. 4. Use interactive trade show giveaways: A great way to get people talking is to get them involved with your brand. One option is to throw personalized soccer balls or flying discs into the crowd. Another is to have people toss ping pong balls into fish bowls or hit golf balls on a miniature course to acquire corporate swag. Using interactive gifts is a fun and affordable way to get people excited about your company. 5. Buy high quality items: It should go without saying that promotional merchandise ought to be quality items that people can use over and over. Remember that every exhibitor is vying for the same customers, so make certain your gifts are useful and memorable. Otherwise, they could end up in trash receptacles or stashed away in desk drawers and forgotten. With nearly 30 years experience, Gorilla Marketing can help you find the perfect trade show giveaways that meet the needs of your target audience without breaking the bank. Our experienced staff is on hand to answer your questions on imprinted promotional items.