We've Got A Uniform For EVERY Industry!

Company uniforms are an extension of your brand. Flight Attendant's are often praised for their pristine appearance while Chef's are envied for their comfortable clothing options. Whether your employee's are flight attendants, chefs or in the hospitality industry, at Gorilla Marketing we want to provide you with the best options and highest quality. We also want you and your employee' to look good and feel good... Scroll down to see some outfit's we've pieced together in the past for clients. 1. Flight Attendant: Single Breasted Blazer, Washable Pencil Skirt paired with a Polyester printed Scarf. Flight Attendants will look first class wherever they land. flight attendant 2. Hospitality Staff, Banker, Security Detail: Single Breasted Wool Suit Coat, Polyester Flat Front Trouser's paired with a printed 100{2204c5d06a2333403476cf9e3e7e547d79f3545ee5a4cb715bc6c3341feceb9f} Silk Tie. Everything about this outfit looks (but won't cost) like a million bucks. hospitality staff 3. Chef: Chef Coat with black trim, Unisex Baggy Chef Pants paired with a Poplin Chef Hat. Surely a delicious pairing of comfort and sophisticated style. chef 4. Housekeeper: Buttoned Up Tunic and Pull-On Pants. This outfit makes for a clean and simple appearance. Modest yet modern, this pairing is easy to wear, easy to work in. housekeeping

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