Why Your Company Needs a New Hire Welcome Kit 

What's the purpose of a New Hire Welcome Kit? To make your new hire feel welcome, of course. Why is this important? According to SHRM, new employees who attended a well-structured onboarding orientation program were 69 percent more likely to remain at a company up to three years. New Hire Welcome Kits play a big role in this.  Consider the new employee's perspective. Starting a new job can be an exhausting and overwhelming experience. Between HR paperwork and remembering new coworker's names, they really don't get a chance to enjoy the start of something new. A gift that includes a branded t-shirt or coffee mug can transform the new hire's day. Free branded swag helps them to maintain a positive outlook and improves the experience for new hires while giving them a taste of your company culture. When building a welcome kit, it's important to understand your audience, branding needs, and overall goal.  Read on for three of the top reasons to have a new hire welcome kit. 

Make a Great First Impression 

welcome-kitImagine walking in on your first day at a new job and being welcomed by a branded box of merchandise just for you. The products you choose should inspire loyalty and build on a positive relationship. A new hire welcome kit like this makes employees feel wanted and needed in a new workplace, which is a great first impression to make.  A company called Pindrop has a welcome kit with noteworthy products that would excite any new hire. Not only is all the branded merchandise on point, they include a book that speaks for their values and culture as a company.                                               Source

Express Your Company Culture 

salesforce-ux-welcome-kit-1Every company's beliefs, values, and practices are important aspects of their company culture. The best way to maintain new hires and make them feel part of something is using your company culture to create the perfect welcome kit. Salesforce adds some awesome products to their welcome kits that compliment their company culture and adds to the excitement of starting a new job. Not only do they provide books that promote a productive workday, they gift a mini nerf gun that speaks for their company culture and who they are as a brand.   Source  

Inspire Creativity and Productivity 

Take a welcome kit as an opportunity to inspire your new hires in a creative or productive way. You can be as creative as you want with the products or add materials that speak for your company's work ethic. Whatever route you choose to take, it should speak for your company. This is a welcome kit that doubles as a survival kit for an agency called Studio Phoenix Creatif. This has creativity written all over it! Not only does it have some fun items like a stress ball and flask, it also includes a book with tricks to keep you calm during stressful situations.                                                Source     A branded welcome kit can speak for your brand in many ways. Your new hire welcome kit should be unique to your company and speak for the parts you want to highlight. Not only will you provide a new employee with the materials needed to be successful at your company, you will also show them how important they are to you.