Wrap Up The Year With The Perfect Corporate Gift

As the holiday season approaches, many employers are starting to ponder corporate gift ideas for their employees. For many employers, showing appreciation for hard work and achievement is not only expected but essential to ensure good faith and improve company moral. A corporate gift should always match the company culture and of course the company budget, yet keep in mind feedback from employees. We are highlighting only a few corporate gift ideas to help get those creative juices flowing in time for the holiday season and the proverbial 'job-well-done' holiday party.


It's one thing to buy your employees a standard pad folio; however, personalizing the pad folio will be the difference between a bland 'Thank you' and a smile with genuine appreciation. Employees can easily pick up a pad of paper from the company office supply room or from a local store, but a stylish leather bound pad folio with their name etched on the front shows much more appreciation for a job well-done. Select the size and features that best match your budget, but factor in the cost of personalization.


A padfolio is a timeless gift and will be useful in the workplace for years to come. With the amount of stuff we drag to and from work, rewarding your employees with a gift they can utilize is  always a winner. The beauty of a bag or carrier is that you have a vast amount of choices. Bags and carriers come in several styles. Messenger bags, backpacks, grocery bags, cinch bags, satchels, the list goes on. Bags and carriers don't need to be just an end-of-year gift and often are appropriate for any type of event.  


If done right, a company shirt, sweatshirt or hat will be valued by your employee's and worn with pride. It's easy to find a garment that is very light on the wallet, but if your purpose is to reward employees, cheap gifts will not be very successful. Poor quality or a dull style will not only go unappreciated, but also appear a bit insulting. To demonstrate your appreciation for the quality of work done, be sure to give your employees a clothing item of value, made with high quality fabric and take into consideration styles that are popular.

Not every employee is 'tech-savvy', so high tech gifts are not always going to be hit. If you don't know how to use the gift, then it's really not very exciting when you get it. A classic, professional desk or wall clock may seem less exciting but it's simple, and it's safe to assume every employee will understand its function. Clocks come in a variety of shapes, styles, and price ranges. Choose carefully. Since a clock is a very common item and used by employees daily, you need to make sure your gift can be set apart from one that your employee would just pick up at a store.

Adorn the clock with the company name or logo. Consider personalization, by adding each employees name to the clock and a short message. While a clock is certainly one of our top corporate gift ideas, selecting something original and creative can make for more appreciative employees. Treat each year or employee-appreciation event as an opportunity to 'wow' your staff and truly show your admiration for your employees by selecting the perfect corporate gift.

The ideas are endless; now is the time to pair up with your sales rep to start the process of finding and creating the ideal gift.


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