Your Logo WIll Be Seen Over and Over Again

When planning which promotional items you should purchase the unlimited possibilities can be quite overwhelming. What to buy is not always the easiest decision to make, which is why we can help. If you call us and want to simply place an order for 1,000 tote bags with your logo on them, that’s totally fine! However, as promotional product experts since 1979, we can help you choose the perfect promotional product for every situation. Instead of putting up a ton of money on a billboard, or buying a TV ad.  You can spread your message far and wide with a simple item with your branding that will be seen over and over again.

Billboards are impressive…for about 3 seconds.

A massive, colorful, lit-up billboard towering over the highway is impressive, no doubt. Impressive for the three seconds you get to look at it before you need to turn your attention to the road you are traveling on! After that moment passes (if it happens in the first place), the message is more than likely lost, and there is barely any residual effect (plus, it’s dangerous)! Then there are commercials. Thanks to DVR's, and programs like Hulu and Netflix, commercials have not become a constant in everyday entertainment. Limiting the number of viewers who will see your ad. I, for one, haven't had cable for years and would never go back to cable and commercials. Let's talk about what item might be one of the most effective promotional products. Calendars! Let me give you two real-life situations where calendars make a huge impact. 

    I look at this every day.

It might seem cheesy, but the local delivery place by my house has got it right. They hand out peel and stick calendars with their name, number and logo on it to every customer. Even though I have another calendar, in my home office that I went out and bought and love, I look at that mini calendar on the side of my fridge far more frequently. It is something I come into contact with every day…also, since they give them out with every order, I now have one in my car too. Now, after a long day, I see it and think that is perfect for dinner!  With this simple product, I spend an easy $20, if not more, every time I order. Simple, useful, inexpensive, and effective.

I place twice as many orders because of this calendar!

At work, I have a calendar that my office supply store gave me.  In addition to their contact information, they put a promo code at the bottom of the calendar for free shipping on all orders. Keep in mind I happen to be responsible for purchasing all our paper and ink products in our office. When I need to order any office supplies, I look over at the calendar and use that office supply company to place the order. This is the same calendar that they ordered and printed through us. I probably look at that calendar 10 times a day. So much so, I have the free code memorized!  The idea of the whole thing coming full-circle. I could care less if it has silly photos of their store location on each month (sorry), but it’s hanging on the wall 2 feet from my computer monitor. I used to shop around for office supplies, now I place all my orders online because of this simple calendar. Now I look forward to the simple gesture of this client sending me a calendar, even though I helped them place the order. It will have more office building photos on it, and even more “sales meeting or Vendor luncheon!” artfully covering the pages. Yes, I set reminders for myself in a digital calendar, but there is something to be said about the visual and tangible aspects of a printed calendar. Also when I need to know what day it is next Wednesday, I can glance over and I have her calendar to thank. It might sound a little boring with all the newest and awesome Bluetooth speakers you can brand…BUT…for the life of me, I can’t think of another promotional item available, that is anywhere near as effective as calendars. Nothing else is even in the ballpark for the amount of contact they get daily. Simply put calendars work. When you need to choose an item that will stay with your client all year long and be seen over and over again, a calendar is a way to go. We have over 500 different varieties and styles of calendars; one of them is perfect for you, so give us a call and ask which one it is… it really is that easy.