"Yum" for the Holidays: Corporate Food Gift Giving Guide

Corporate holiday gift giving has been a tradition for decades, and no gift is more traditional than food. From fruit baskets to cookie assortments to full-size ready-to-eat hams, sending a food gift for the holidays shows how much you value your professional relationship. Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind when choosing holiday food gifts for your clients and colleagues.

Brand-name or no-name?

When you send a respected and recognizable brand like Godiva, Mrs. Fields, or Harry and David, your recipient will be impressed with the quality of your gift right off the bat. However, the real estate dedicated to the manufacturer's brand is space that isn't dedicated to your brand. Your logo and message may be more noticeable and memorable if it's the only logo in sight. There are plenty of options that are just as delicious as the big names, and your name is the one people see.

Holiday-specific or non-denominational?

The United States is a nation of many faiths, and December has become a gift-giving season for just about everyone. Consider your recipient list, and decide whether you want to give a gift that refers to a specific holiday or something more generally festive. If you have a large number of clients who are not Christian, a Santa-shaped bar of chocolate may not be ideal.

Bite into your brand with custom molded chocolate gifts
Bite into your brand with custom molded chocolate gifts

How will you present your logo?

With most food gifts, it is assumed that you want your logo imprinted on the gift box. There are other options, however. You can include a branded keepsake, like an elegant crystal dish, a handy mug, or a wacky desktop candy dispenser. You can also make your logo edible with custom-molded chocolates and printed cookies.Any dietary restrictions? You know your clients, so use that information to select the right food gift. A diet maven may not appreciate a calorie-laden brownie basket, and a vegetarian won't dig into the exquisite steaks you sent over. Allergies can also be an issue, particularly with gluten, tree nuts, and milk.

What's your brand got to do with it?

Successful branding involves more than printing your logo on something. For the most effective impact, think about what sort of food conveys the message of your brand. Are sales "hot" this year? Give a bottle of spicy pepper sauce or a jar of gourmet salsa! Want your clients to feel pampered? Choose deluxe gift baskets with fancy condiments. Do you provide round-the-clock service? Remind them that you're burning the midnight oil by giving strong coffee in a mug. If you take care of everything, allowing your clients to relax, send tea for their own moment of zen. Whether you want a classic fruit basket or something more unusual, we can help you find options that fit your brand, time frame, and budget. Lean on our promotional products expertise to create a holiday food gift program that impresses your recipients and communicates your message.


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