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  • Talks on Trends: Bluetooth Earbuds

    Bluetooth technology delivers a hassle-free listening experience that has become a popular tech product. We have created a 'good, better, best' list of Bluetooth earbuds to help you better understand your Bluetooth options and stay within your budget. 
  • Custom Tangle Free Zipper Earbuds

    Do you often find your earbuds or headphones in a tangled mess? I can not stand it when I find my earbuds in a tangled knotted mess. I have tried many earbuds that say they are made of tangle free material but nothing even comes close to the design of the zipper cord on the custom zipper earbuds. They are able to stay tangle free while in use because you can zip them up right into place. The zipper cord design that lets you decide where to zip or unzip the cord so you can have the perfect fit no matter what. If you are looking for an original idea don't miss out at your chance of getting your logo in to the hands of all your customers with this amazing product.
  • Accessorize Your Customer's Treasured Cell Phone

    As consumers, we often focus on the phones features, concerned with only how it will improve your work or personal communication experience. The accessories are usually an afterthought, but the truth is they actually are intended to enhance the phone. If you're a company hoping to give your customers a nifty cell phone accessory giveaway, here's a hint: we can never have too many cell phone accessories.