Gorilla Marketing Blog

  • Tablecloths and Table Covers

    Make a lasting first impression and turn the tables on the competition with a clean and sleek customized table cover for your next trade show, meeting, or event. Visitors will be drawn to your booth or display when your professionally branded table cover is on display. The realm of options for these items is virtually limitless so just call us with your ideas, and we would be happy to brainstorm with you to help make them a reality!

  • Understanding Vector Art

    Vector art is a specific technique, which uses curves, shapes, lines, and points to create a mathematical, computer-ready image. Made up of paths that lead to control points, vector graphics can be called a cleaner format to present artwork. While you may not be a 'graphics guru', as you do more to promote your brand or business with unique promotional items, you will get more familiar with how important artwork is in the promotional business.
  • The Right Color

    Color is important when it comes to promotional products too! Science has been used to identify the colors that evoke certain emotions when viewed by the human eye. In general, every human brain works pretty much the same when processing colors, but of course, you want to use all the best techniques to make sure your customers are satisfied.

  • Can Screen Printed T-shirts Help Build Your Brand?

    Advertising is not limited to investing in a multi-million dollar commercial, it could simply be a walking billboard. How about a nice screen printed t-shirt that displays your company's logo and contact information with vibrant colors that POP out to the Average Joe on the street? Gorilla Marketing can help by providing the best t-shirts selection and screen printing service.

  • Custom soccer balls can help you meet promotional "GOOOOOOOALS"

    When businesses go shopping for sports-themed gifts and equipment giveaways, custom soccer balls may be the ideal choice. Custom soccer balls offer a great way for companies to capitalize on the popularity of soccer and represent an ideal giveaway for soccer clubs and teams. Check out custom soccer ball descriptions and photos to get ideas for your next promotion.

  • Ten Ways to Take a Promo T-shirt to the Next Level

    T-shirts printed with your logo, brand, image, or message are among the most popular items in the promotional products industry. Let us guide you to t-shirt success with these ten tips for taking your promotional tee to the next level. With these tips in your repertoire, we know you're ready to launch a graphic tee revolution.
  • How hip is your logo?

    We spend most of our day looking at logos from companies and organizations around the country. So naturally, we wanted to share some of the top trends. Your brand is your identity. It should communicate 1,000 words worth of information about your organization. Every time someone sees it (on your website, on a brochure, on a business card, or on that spiffy polo shirt we embroidered for you), they will get the message you're sending. Make sure you're sending the right message!