Gorilla Marketing Blog

  • Cozy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

    Blankets pair well with colder weather and hot cocoa and are also a great way to show you care. Finding the perfect blanket for the holiday should be easy, that is why we picked our top four favorites to help make employee or client gifting easy this season.
  • Talks on Trends: Performance Apparel

    Let's talk about the global textile industry's fastest growing segment: Performance Apparel. Performance apparel has become one of the biggest requests from our clients over the past twelve months, and with good reason. These pieces can be worn in and out of the office for both work and play, effectively increasing your organization's opportunity for brand exposure. 

  • We've Got A Uniform For EVERY Industry!

    Company uniforms are an extension of your brand. Whether your employee's are flight attendants, chefs or in the hospitality industry, at Gorilla Marketing we want to provide you with the best options and highest quality. Scroll down to see some outfits we've pieced together in the past for clients.

  • Tablecloths and Table Covers

    Make a lasting first impression and turn the tables on the competition with a clean and sleek customized table cover for your next trade show, meeting, or event. Visitors will be drawn to your booth or display when your professionally branded table cover is on display. The realm of options for these items is virtually limitless so just call us with your ideas, and we would be happy to brainstorm with you to help make them a reality!

  • Popular T-Shirt Styles

    When it's all said and done...a t-shirt is still the most popular promotional item. A t-shirt is the most common way to promote your brand, image, slogan, or company name. Many of the manufacturers we work with have reinvented and perfected the common t-shirt. With new styles, fabrics, and custom-designs, the t-shirts of today have come a long way to meet the demands and desires of our customers.  There are many t-shirt options for your marketing needs.

  • Choosing a Polo Shirt Worthy of Your Logo

    Here's the skinny on the basic features that distinguish one polo from another. Different fabric textures include jersey, interlock and mesh. Most polo shirts are a solid color from collar to hem. In a color-block sport shirt, panels of different colors combine into one garment. Major brands like adidas, Champion, Hanes, Izod, and Nike have retail recognition and may have a higher perceived value for the prestige factor. The most common decoration method for sport shirts is embroidery. Embroidery is elegant and polished, making the polo both classic and classy.
  • Spotlight on T-Shirt Fabric

    Here are some of the key features that distinguish one t-shirt from another. Fabric makeup, cotton thread, weight, and eco-friendly features all make a t-shirt unique. We love our basic, budget t-shirts and think they're great for lots of promotional projects. But sometimes you want to give something exceptional. Maybe you want to really impress a client or communicate how much you value an employee. Perhaps you're trying to create a shirt that will be worn again and again, and know that retail quality is a must for maximizing impressions. If your brand is high-end, only a high-end t-shirt will do. Contact us today and we'll help you select the perfect screen printed t-shirt for your promotional project.
  • Non-woven bags, Jute Totes, PET Shoppers ... Oh My!

    When choosing a tote bag, backpack, or shopping tote, your fabric choice affects the look and feel of your bag, and also the price. One of our top manufacturers has just published a handy guide to commonly-used materials for promotional bags. Remember that at Gorilla Marketing, you'll get End-Quantity Pricing on Norwood bags of any material.
  • Dude, Why's My T-Shirt More Expensive?

    Everyone in our industry is sharing the same headache right now: rising, fluctuating t-shirt prices. Why is this happening? First of all, demand is up - way up. Second, supply is down. Unfavorable weather in the world's big cotton producers shrunk the harvests. Our advice? Take this as an opportunity to focus on what matters: ROI.