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  • Products We Can't Stop Talking About

    Members of the Gorilla Marketing team recently attended an amazing industry trade show, the Promotional Products Association International Expo. This event is where we get to see some of the brand new products as well as great opportunities for professional development. The team walked the gigantic trade show to see some of the newest promotional products. Here are some of our favorites that we just can't stop talking about!
  • Earth Day is April 22nd

    The promotional product industry has had their respective green thumbs on the pulse of these environmental demands for years and continues to roll out innovative, ecologically-sound means of advertising brands and companies. April 22nd is Earth Day, and having a specific event on which to focus is a great opportunity for businesses and groups to promote themselves while showing their dedication to conservancy and protection of our rapidly dwindling resources.
  • The Perks of a Promo

    Whether you are a new business or have been around for awhile, never under-estimate the power of a promotional item. The perks of promotional products are ever-present, which is why they have been around for years. Sometimes companies are blinded by the cost of a product or assume a small giveaway would not have a significant impact on their business. Read the five facts below to find the truth behind the perks of a promotional product.
  • Reusable Bags Saving the Planet

    Whether you're an individual consumer or a representative for a large company, incorporating reusable bags into your daily living or business-setting can make a dramatic difference. As a company, you can hand out attractive reusable bags with your logo and name to your customers to help them pick up better shopping habits, but also to promote your brand. As an individual, you can actually start utilizing that reusable bag!
  • Wrap Up The Year With The Perfect Corporate Gift

    We are highlighting only a few corporate gift ideas to help get those creative juices flowing in time for the gift-giving season. Bags and carriers are an appropriate gift for any type of event. Or, if done right, a company shirt, sweatshirt or hat will be valued by your employee's and worn with pride. Consider personalization, by adding each employees name to the clock and a short message. The ideas are endless; now is the time to pair up with your sales rep to start the process of finding and creating the ideal gift.
  • New products from Vegas, Baby, Vegas

    Most of our sales and customer service team was in glamorous Las Vegas last week. The team was attending our industry's largest trade show, the Promotional Products Association International Expo. The team worked hard to cover the gigantic trade show floor and get the lowdown on promising new promo products. Here are some of their favorites.

  • Eco-Friendly Tote Bags: Good for the Planet, Good for Your Brand

    Promotional tote bags are a favorite for trade shows and conferences. They're getting even more attention thanks to new eco-friendly tote bags designed for grocery shopping, which help our environment and your brand at the same time. Contact us and we can help you navigate the options and choose the eco-friendly tote that's right for your promotion.
  • Non-woven bags, Jute Totes, PET Shoppers ... Oh My!

    When choosing a tote bag, backpack, or shopping tote, your fabric choice affects the look and feel of your bag, and also the price. One of our top manufacturers has just published a handy guide to commonly-used materials for promotional bags. Remember that at Gorilla Marketing, you'll get End-Quantity Pricing on Norwood bags of any material.
  • Top 10 new items: Chocolate, pizza, beer, and more

    Tradeshows are all about the swag -- but what happens when the swag-makers themselves have a tradeshow? Don't attempt this at home: We're professionals! Last week, Gorilla Marketing came, saw, and conquered a regional ad specialty tradeshow and made out like bandits. We got loaded down with freebies, of course, but the most exciting thing was the info. We saw all the newest products making a splash in the industry.